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"Safe and Smart Dehong" High-definition Video Monitoring System Project

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"Safe and Smart Dehong Project" constitutes an important part of carrying out the national “Belt and Road Initiative” and the strategic guideline of Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor, which conduces to continuously making the border defense management more standardized and efficient, promoting the construction of a three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, imposing rigorous control over the border defense management, strictly cracking down on various illegal and noncompliant activities and solving the prominent problems affecting the social security in border areas.
Implementation of the Project achieves the following effects:
• Providing strong guarantee for the tranquility of border areas and social stability;
• Making outstanding contribution to driving the construction of "Safe and Peace Yunnan";
• Practically enhancing the capacity of public security and rapid response to incidents and cases;
• Helping all functional departments of the People’s Government of Dehong Prefecture know about the city's situation in a real-time manner. 


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