Recent scientific studies clearly demonstrate that many things in our life can be predicted using data from Wikipedia and Google Trends. Anyone can type something like “predict* Wikipedia Or Google” in Scholar and get hundreds of papers supporting this statement. Almost anything can be predicted: leading economic indicators and stock prices, home sales and disease outbreaks, automobile demand and future vacation destination, obesity rate and political events, music, video games and movies revenues, and much, much more.

Our calendar is an example of what can be predicted. It predicts what article Wikipedia users will read on any day of the year. For another example you can see our blog article “Will you die today?”

Write us about what you personally would like to predict and we would help you based on huge data we collected from Wikipedia and Goggle. It does not have to be a leading economic indicator or a next flue outbreak. Your topic could be more personal like “what profession to chose?” or even “Is my partner faithful?” or anything else you are interesting to predict.

We promise to send you a personalized prediction!

Remember, everything is possible!